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BDS SONIC was founded in 2001, with over 20 years of experience in the ultrasonic welding field. What drives us 

forward in the ultrasonic welding field for over 20 years? The answer is: we firmly believe that ultrasonic welding

 is a powerful technology that can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

What we do:

  • Products: We manufacture high-quality Ultrasonic Plastic WelderUltrasonic Metal WelderUltrasonic Food

    Cutting Equipmenthand-held ultrasonic welder,Custom Ultrasonic Welding SystemsUltrasonic Converters&

    Boosters , Ultrasonic Sonotrodes & Welding Horns.

  • Solutions: We offer more than just equipment. We can also customize solutions according to the specific needs

    of our customers, covering everything from consulting, design, production, and installation to after-sales service.

  • Technical support: We have a team of highly skilled engineers who can provide our customers with professional

    technical support and training, helping them to better understand and apply ultrasonic welding technology.

Our past achievements:

 We focused on domestic trade in China, providing ultrasonic welding solutions for industrial enterprises, helping them

 improve production processes, reduce production costs and guarantee product quality.

With our dedication to technology and enthusiastic customer service, we eventually ranked among the top10 in the

 ultrasonic welding field in China.

Looking to the future:

BDS SONIC will continue to uphold the philosophy of innovation, integrity, and service, continuously improve its own

 technology and service level, and strive to become a leading global provider of ultrasonic welding solutions, creating

 greater value for customers. 

BDS SONIC: Your trusted partner for ultrasonic welding solutions.

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