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Focusing on Customized Ultrasonic Equipment and R&D
Founder Quotations:
From the beginning of the ultrasonic industry, I warned myself to dedicate a lifetime to the ultrasonic industry. The wind and rain have been fleeting for 18 years, and the enthusiasm has never changed. Looking to the future, industrial technology manufacturing will evolve into an intelligent and intelligent data age, and will penetrate into our lives. Its depth and breadth are like oceans and seas that we can't imagine. Mo Yan once said: The longer the known radius, the larger the unknown circle. The more unpredictable, for us, is an opportunity to continue to learn and constantly grow beyond growth. China's ultrasonic industry is going to be at the forefront of the world, and it needs innovation and creation. This is true in all industries, especially in the ultrasonic industry. BDS will, as always, strive to be the industry leader, regardless of whether it is a deserted desert or a cliff, and continue to carry forward the hard work and indomitable work spirit, constantly overcome its own shortcomings and meet the challenges in the work.
I am willing to lead the technology of China's ultrasonic industry to keep pace with the world.

General Manager of Hong Kong BDS Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Dongguan BDS Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Dongguan Changan Chuangfa Mould Co., Ltd.
Vice President, Guangdong Qinzhou Chamber of Commerce
Vice President, Guangxi Lingshan Chamber of Commerce
Honorary President of Dongguan Guangxi Friendship Association
Founder of Southern Ultrasound Association
Dongguan Network Chamber of Commerce
Founder of Guangxi Enterprise Furniture Department
Ultrasonic technology experience for 18 years
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