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Frequently asked questions about non-standard machinery

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 1. Basic requirements for non-standard machinery:
 The selection of non-standard mechanical components is very good. For the pneumatic, guiding, circuit and control and mechanical parts used in machinery, it is necessary to adopt mature large brands or components that have been continuously tested to meet the standards; Br /> Non-standard machinery has higher requirements for design engineers. As a good non-standard mechanical engineer, it is necessary to have non-rich design experience. It has a strong judgment on the various processes of users and can judge the key in the specific process. Sexual problems to ensure that the non-standard machinery designed is efficient and stable.
 2. How to solve the problem of workers' production in non-standard machinery:
 For non-standard machinery, designers who need non-standard machinery have an in-depth understanding of the product process, and carefully analyze the equipment to achieve those indicators to meet the minimum failure rate and efficiency of the product through non-standard machinery production, Thereby reducing costs for the user.
 3. Non-standard machinery is customized according to customer needs:
 Non-standard machinery is generally a custom-made machine, not available on the market, even if you have a device that is also ready to buy a second one, you have to order it, because non-standard machinery products are only ordered. It is sold as a standard machine.
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