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Ultrasonic transducer common problem solving

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 1. The ultrasonic vibrator is damp. You can check the plug connected to the ultrasonic transducer with a megohmmeter. Check the insulation resistance value to judge the basic situation. Generally, the insulation resistance is greater than 5 megohms. If this insulation resistance value is not reached, the ultrasonic transducer is generally wet. 
 2. The ultrasonic transducer vibrator is fired, and the ceramic material is broken. It can be combined with the naked eye and the megohmmeter. Generally, as an emergency treatment measure, the individual damaged ultrasonic vibrator can be disconnected without affecting other ultrasonic vibrators. Normal use.
  3, vibrator degumming, our ultrasonic transducer is the use of cementation, screw fastening double guarantee process, under normal circumstances will not occur.
  4. Perforation of the vibrating surface of stainless steel. Generally, the ultrasonic transducer may be perforated on the vibrating surface when it is used for 10 years at full load.
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