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Ultrasonic generator daily problems and maintenance

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 Condition 1: The ultrasonic generator is turned on and turned off when it is turned on.
 Possible problems: The ultrasonic generator power cord may be short-circuited, or there may be a problem with the generator rectifier bridge, or if there is a short circuit in the four legs. If there is a short circuit, there is a problem with the rectifier bridge. Replace one.
 Condition 2: Ultrasound no output
 There may be a problem: the generator indicator is on, the fan is also turning, there is a frequency display, but there is no output. At this point, you can check if the silicon is damaged, as normal. If it is not normal, check if there is any problem with the 772 in the thyristor control section of the startup board, and if so, replace it.
 Condition 3: There is ultrasound, the ultrasound sound is abnormal, and the ultrasound intensity is not good
 Possible problem: Use the frequency meter to check if the output frequency is within the operating frequency range of the transducer. If the difference is too large, adjust the frequency potentiometer to restore the normal operating frequency.
 Condition 4: No ultrasonic output, but the cooling fan rotates
 There may be a problem: the generator power tube is burnt out, you can observe whether the fuse of the generator power board is blown or burst. If it is blown, replace the power tube and the fuse resistor.
 Condition 5: No ultrasonic generator cooling fan works only the light is also bright
 There may be a problem: the frequency output on the generator driver board is not normal, or the output line of the vibrator is disconnected. The output of the generator can be measured with a multimeter, and the external potentiometer can be seen at the maximum voltage of 180~240v. If there is a voltage of 180~240v, check whether the vibrator is short-circuited. Check whether the vibrator line is broken and whether the two wires are connected together or the vibrator is short-circuited.
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